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Repurposed packaging


"There is no innovation without sustainability"

-Eric Sprunk, Nike's chief operating officer-


How our packing bag helps your to live in a more sustsinable way

HDPE number 2 owns classification of being Eco-friendly. Reusable and strongly durable. HPDE contains between 25% and

100% pre-consumer material. Protect our planet and we all need to make a concerted effort to recycle items and operate as eco-friendly as possible! HDPE film is widely used in warehouses, as its tensile strength is excellent and is resistant to corrosive chemicals. HDPE是可重用的高密度聚乙烯。二號HDPE,可耐酸鹼,通常是裝清潔劑、洗髮精、沐浴乳、食用油、農藥、罐裝咖啡、果汁牛奶等。剛性高,能夠阻擋水和油性。HDPE薄膜被廣泛用於倉庫,因為它的抗拉強度非常好,並且耐腐蝕性化學品。

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