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Tyvek® Explorer Pack

Tyvek® Explorer Pack

SKU: 000

Versatile bag made of DuPont Tyvek® fabric with PU coating. Water resistant and anti-tearing characteristics. Suitable for Outdoor and Indoor occasions. Unique brand print logo. Utility-inspired design. Two inner compartments with zip closure, grossgrain tape loop. Adjustable and detachable polyester tape strap. Designed in Hong Kong.


Size: 20cmW x 13cmH


香港設計,由杜邦研發 Tyvek® 物料製成的多功能包,帶有 PU 塗層令袋身有防水和抗撕裂特性,適用於戶外和室內場合。實用性及簡約為靈感的小包內部還有兩個小隔層。 特製拉頭拉鍊和可調節和可拆卸的橫紋織帶。 袋身印上獨特的品牌標誌。

尺寸:20厘米闊 x 15厘米高